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TOPS T32 Postdoctoral Training Program
The Training in Oncology Population Sciences (TOPS) T32 program will train postdoctoral fellows to conduct research at the T3 and T4 interface to translate knowledge from the lab into practice and population health to reduce the burden of cancer.

The need for translational research at the T3 and T4 interface stems from persistent disparities in cancer outcomes and implementation gaps between what is possible in the context of clinical trials and what happens in routine practice. The TOPS Program will train postdoctoral fellows each year in collaboration with more than 40 faculty from across the 7 institutions of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC).

Training will provide fellows with the skills necessary to address the challenges and opportunities brought about by the tremendous growth in the complexity of cancer care, precision medicine, electronic health records, mobile health, machine learning and data sharing.

The TOPS program has 3 specific strategies to achieve this overarching objective:

  1. training in core methods and skills necessary for investigation through coursework and participation in regular seminars, workshops and reading;

  2. intensive focus on a research project with close supervision from one or more mentors; and,

  3. training in professional skills that are prerequisite for investigation including project development, grant writing, presentation, building and working with diverse teams, running a dry-laboratory and the responsible conduct of research.

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